Dog Walking

Monday-Friday small group walks covering Knowle, Totterdown, Bedminster, Windmill Hill.

Please get in touch if you're not sure whether we can offer walks in your area.


Our Walks

CoveDogs is a small group of dogs and people who know each other well. We're a second family, and our time together adds a richness and quality to our lives.
Your dog would be by your side 24/7 if they could be, but when they can't, knowing they get to go out with a familiar person and dogs they trust is a great comfort. Find out more about the process of introducing your dog to the CoveDogs Crew here, or get in touch!


We are by no means making our millions here.... just need to pay for gravy bones, tennis balls and other essentials.

Group Walks: £12

Your pup will be out for at least an hour, often more!



 CoveDogs group walks are suitable for active, sociable dogs who are physically fit enough to keep up with a group and are comfortable in the company of other dogs. Your dog must also be able to go off lead without the tendency to run off. A perfect recall isn't required as this can be worked on - your dog will be kept on a long line until I am confident of their responsiveness off-lead.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate very nervous/fearful dogs and those with high prey drive on our walks, as this cannot be safely managed in a group situation. If you are unsure if your dog would fit in, please get in touch and we will advise, or point you in the direction of a better-matched walker for their needs.

What's Included?

Pick up, drive to walk location, an hour+ walk time, plus warm-water paw and undercarriage rinse down when necessary and towel dry.
On drop off home, feeding or boredom buster kong/snuffle mat etc can be given before leaving on request and radio/TV switched on if preferred.


Happy Travels

Professionally designed, built and fitted custom cages for safe transit. These six robust compartments provide a secure place for your dog to travel, with escape hatches that allow an alternative exit should the vehicle be involved in an accident. Each dog travels in their own section but they can see, smell and hear each other and me.

The van is fitted with a Flettner vent, heating and importantly air conditioning for maintaining a comfortable climate year-round.

If your dog is only used to travelling on the seat of a car and you are worried about them adjusting to being crated, be assured everything will be done to help them feel comfortable and every dog I've walked has quickly learned to jump straight in the second the 'dog bus' arrives.
After all, it does mean walkies with friends!

The Benefits

Well-managed group walks provide a range of benefits outside of the obvious convenience.

The variety of fun walk locations provides a different set of stimuli and opportunity to take in the rich world of scents, which in a dog's world are like the colour to ours.

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