No More Pulling !

Walks with your dog are supposed to be a pleasure. Nobody wants to be dragged along, at best you are embarrassed by having an unruly dog, and at worst you are in danger of being pulled over or into the road or other hazard, putting you, your dog, and other pedestrians and road users in danger. On top of this, your dog is choking and spluttering at the end of their lead.... while you are at the end of your tether!

A training programme consisting of one hour's initial training session followed by 4 half hour weekly sessions which will assess your progress and increase the level of difficulty for you and your dog each time. This guided approach means you will be building reliable lead walking that works anywhere you go and will transform your walks from a stressful battle to a relaxed experience enjoyable for both your and your dog.

What would you like to achieve?

We have specially pre-developed plans for the most commonly sought training. But there is much more we can help with. Please get in touch to discuss your training requirements and we will be glad to help, or point you in the right direction if we can't.